If you're looking for a place and love the area, come live at The Atwood. I never once had any problems living here and the staff are always on point. If I needed something done and completed the service request, the next morning it will be taken care of. I once had to use the emergency number, because the main garage gate wouldn't open. Within minutes Robert Diaz who is one of the technicians came and opened it. I gave all 5 stars on staff, safety, parking, maintenance, living space and website. I gave four stars on noise, only because I live next to the dog park and I could hear the gate slam when people go in and out (not to great in the mornings if working late the night before). My dogs will bark from it sometimes but this is really the only bad thing I could think about living here. I wouldn't let that stop you because again overall Amanda and her staff are there to help! Thank you Atwood Team.